Diriliş Ertuğrul: Season 5

Nov. 07, 2018
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  • Lucy BachalMay 29, 2019Reply

    Hello, I so enjoyed watching Dirilis and for some reason I am not able to access the series. Can you please tell me what is the reason.

    • May 29, 2019Reply

      which series or episode ?

      • Muhammad FarooqJune 15, 2019Reply

        Seems like episode 25 of season 5 is not working

        • June 16, 2019Reply

          we will update

  • EvaMay 29, 2019Reply

    I love Dirilis Ertugrul but cannot access season 5 episode 26,27,28,29

    • TaraJuly 3, 2019Reply

      Episodes 26 27 28 29
      Is not working ?

      • July 4, 2019Reply

        okay noted we will update soon

  • EvaMay 29, 2019Reply

    Episode 26,27,28,29 I season 5 dirilis ertugrul

    • May 29, 2019Reply

      available now till 28 and episode 29 will be available on friday

      • Ernest KellyMay 31, 2019Reply

        today is friday still not there

      • Omoniyi yusuffJune 1, 2019Reply

        Oh I see but it’s friday and we are not able to watch the episode 29 yets ?

  • AfzalMay 30, 2019Reply

    Why you removed urdu subtitles?

    • May 30, 2019Reply

      we will upload all very soon, just keeping things in manageable way, so

  • Ernest KellyJune 2, 2019Reply

    we enjoy the series. any time frame when series 6 will be uploaded to the site?

  • RaheelJune 3, 2019Reply

    Is there any other episode coming after 29? Or any other season will be released?

    • June 4, 2019Reply

      yes in october, stay tuned

  • Andy MarcusJune 18, 2019Reply

    I’m not sure if this is a duplicate email, but I don’t see my first one here, so I’ll send it again. Ep 27 doesn’t load up and plays Ep 25 instead. Thanks for all your work on this series.

  • anna smithJune 27, 2019Reply

    hate the series ended,

  • omoniyi yusuffJune 29, 2019Reply

    please and please we deserve to know what happen at the war, or the series is finished ? or are you uploading more when its time, because i dont think the season 5 should just end in that way!!! and thanks so much for keeping us updated always

  • Maria QuesadaJuly 12, 2019Reply

    I am not able to see any of the episodes of any season on multipoint.com I don’t know why. Could u help me please?

  • RaheelJuly 13, 2019Reply

    I am waiting for episode after 29 if there is any other episodes in season 5? But there is nothing up yet after episode 29.
    Secondly , if episode 29 is the end of season 5 then I would say it is not making any sense.

  • shehzad waheedAugust 1, 2019Reply

    when the next episodes will be upload please let us know thanks

    • August 2, 2019Reply

      keep checking site for more movies and TV shows

  • Mohammad RafiqSeptember 4, 2019Reply

    Best serial ever, is season 5 episode 29 is the final episode?

    • September 5, 2019Reply

      yes it’s final

  • saqib bashirMarch 28, 2020Reply

    episodes 26 and 27 are not playing

    • March 29, 2020Reply

      working now

  • saqib bashirMarch 28, 2020Reply

    episodes 26 and 27 are not playing with urdu as well as english subtitles

    • March 29, 2020Reply

      uploaded with english subtitles

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